Chicago, IL – TraknProtect, a pioneer of real-time location-based technology purpose-built for the hotel industry, has announced a new partnership with Safety NetAccess, a leading guest internet and hospitality solutions provider. This news rounds out a year in which TraknProtect has solidified its position in hospitality technology, crafting strategic alliances with leading hospitality technology companies to create a perceptible shift in employee safety culture.

The only safety button platform designed specifically for the hospitality industry, TraknProtect’s award-winning solution helps hotels comply with their local or state laws for employee safety compliance, while also complying with the AHLA’s 5-Star Promise. Easy to implement and monitor, the TraknProtect safety solution can help hotel employees summon assistance quickly and accurately to their location at the touch of a button.

“Like TraknProtect, Safety NetAccess also subscribes to the ‘integrity first’ philosophy and also shares our commitment to employee safety in the hospitality industry,” commented Tom Hempel, TraknProtect’s Vice President of Strategic Partnerships. “We’re delighted to bring the combined strengths of product excellence and service reputation that both companies share to benefit our customers in this new partnership.”

Safety NetAccess has been designing, building and supporting wireless and wired networks for the hospitality industry since 2001 with a business model that complements TraknProtect’s IoT real-time location tracking platform, which also includes inventory tracking, room tray tracking and vendor tracking. Offering integration with existing TraknProtect partners, such as Aruba and Ruckus, Safety NetAccess can further extend the seamless installation and service that have become the company’s hallmark. Additionally, the TraknProtect employee safety platform will be integrated into the Safety NetAccess Portal (SNAP), which offers convenient centralized management, authentication, and reporting.

“As the hospitality technology industry evolves, our clients are looking to Safety NetAccess as their trusted provider, to bring them additional reliable technologies,” advised Todd Shobert, CTO at Safety NetAccess. “TraknProtect fits into our portfolio well with the same high level of quality, service and support that our clientele are accustomed to, matching the rest of our product line. The addition of TraknProtect will enable our clients to meet government and safety regulations, providing a safer environment for their employees.”


About Safety NetAccess | Safety NetAccess, Inc., (SNA) is a leading national high-tech solutions company that has been providing a broad range of technology products and services since 2001. All SNA products and services are exclusively designed for the most discriminating client and include visitor-based Wi-Fi networks, telecom, security camera solutions, energy management, television and casting solutions, low voltage cabling, and Broadcom/telecom circuits. Our networks are managed, monitored, and maintained with 24/7 LIVE support. Our support team is made up of experienced engineers to ensure superior service for our clients and their end-users. Today SNA has installed a variety of network environments including hotels, resorts, open-air venues, multiple dwelling units, military bases, coffee shops, restaurants, universities, high schools, campsites, and marinas. For more information, please visit and follow us on FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter.


About TraknProtect TraknProtect is a real-time location technology provider enabling hotels to harness the power of location data and integrate it into their safety and operations systems. TraknProtect provides enhanced safety devices (ESDs) for hotel employees through activation of a safety button integrated solution alerting security personnel to the location of employees in need of assistance.  The platform provides additional access to real-time locations and data about hotel inventory, room service trays, and vendor activity on the property. The TraknProtect software platform is also enabling hotels to enhance guest satisfaction, increase employee efficiency, and improve employee safety by using TraknProtect data analytics to save significant capital costs and make smarter inventory purchasing decisions and improved management of outside vendors. For more information, please visit and follow us on FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter.

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