When you choose Safety NetAccess for your HSIA needs, you get access to our comprehensive SNAPX management solution. SNAPX is a powerful, customizable management platform that is designed to track and manage your high-speed interNetAccess network and to gain critical insights into your business with a simple snap of your fingers.

Whether you are managing a single property, or multiple business units, you will be able to view important metrics with ease and simplicity – all from one place:

  • Analyze guest network usage over various time periods to track trends and to be able to leverage this important date in order to make informed business decisions.
  • Create your own passcodes or have them automatically generated for you.
  • Track how your internet offerings are directly translating into revenue dollars. Manage your brand and customer experience with real-time technology.
  • View and customize your business’ portal page – including what payment plans you choose to offer your
  • Immediately identify bottlenecks in network connectivity and customer connection experiences by tracking troubled tickets and support calls.
  • Make your guests feel valuable by using customizable coupons or promotional codes. Give VIP’s the treatment they have rightfully earned by allocating higher bandwidth levels of your choosing.