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Many companies do what we do.
But no one else does it like we do.
Because for us, it’s personal.

Since 2001, Safety NetAccess has been designing, building, and supporting wired and wireless networks for hospitality, multifamily, assisted living, resorts, and other public properties. Family-owned, we have grown from a two-man startup to one of the country’s most reliable and trusted partners. Along the way, we have been certified by most major hotel brands, and remain in the top echelon of providers certified to deploy within Marriott’s rigorous GPNS program and Hilton’s Stay Connected program, where we consistently rank as a top-performing partner every year. Safety NetAccess’ network design services, installation teams, and support services are OEM’d by the largest supplier to the assisted living industry for networking design.

Today, Safety NetAccess is deployed in 4,000+ venues providing millions of authentications daily, and while we are proud of our growth and the distinctions received, what truly excites us is thinking about the millions of users who have had a flawless experience with our networks.