Safety NetAccess’ VoiceWorx Solutions (Telecom)

Safety NetAccess’ VoiceWorx Solutions (Telecom)

A robust telecom solution is the backbone of any successful hospitality company because efficient communication matters. With Safety NetAccess’ VoiceWorx system, you’ll get everything you need and more because we want to exceed your expectations. 

VoiceWorx from Safety NetAccess has a wide range of functionality to ensure that your employees can easily communicate with each other and guests. The system also provides guests with a seamless avenue for telecom services. While the system is completely integrated across multiple functionalities, we can ensure your team and guests are set up with various services depending on your needs.  

As a standard, the VoiceWorx platform includes Hospitality VoIP PBX, Call Accounting, Voicemail, PMS Integration, a Full Hospitality Feature Set, Deployment/Integration Services, 24/7 Hardware, Software, Emergency Support, SIP Trunking, Local and Long Distance. Additionally, we can offer unique services for administrative needs, front desk staff, and guests. 

Administrative Offerings   

The way we communicate has undergone many changes in the past few decades. That’s why our VoiceWorx solution is designed to meet the needs of present-day properties. The days of being tied to a desk are gone. We are used to being able to reach someone anytime, anywhere, and VoiceWorx has adapted to this reality. We offer various administrative services to help your staff manage their communication on the go. The VoiceWorx platform can be implemented on multiple brands’ manufactured devices and from a mobile application on a cell phone. There is automatic call distribution and call flow management to ensure that hold times are at a minimum. 

Additionally, you can opt-in for “follow me” capabilities, role-based queues, and staff grouping for calls. The VoiceWorx platform can handle multiple calls simultaneously and allow voicemails to be sent via e-mail – a necessary feature in our remote work world. We offer on-demand staff call recording to ensure quality management for guests and staff. With VoiceWorx, your team can manage service requests with purpose-built applications and operations with rich analytics. This leads to better operational efficiency, which untethers staff with mobile working and reduces training time because of our intuitive interfaces.  

Front Desk Capabilities

Your front desk staff is often the first touchpoint for guests entering your establishment, so they must have all the tools readily available to make their job the most efficient. They need to be able to manage incoming calls and greet guests – often at the same time. An easy-to-use, intuitive telecom system can make all the difference. VoiceWorx is controlled by a browser-based console which allows for much greater functionality and ease of use. The administrative call triage capabilities allow the front desk staff to feel freer to move about the property, answer guests’ questions, and stay on top of the phone system. The VoiceWorx platform comes with one-click call and transfer features and an effortless setup for wakeup calls to make sure they are setup correctly. One of the unique features is a pop-up screen that displays guest info when they call the front desk for assistance. This creates a personal touch when the front desk answers the phone and greets the guest by their name. 

Guest Offerings

Greeting guests by their name and ensuring timely service, while securing guests’ privacy – are those little things that exceed a guest’s expectations. With VoiceWorx, it’s easy to do this. Not only do guests benefit from having simple, accessible communication with your staff, but there are functions they can utilize themselves to make their stay more comfortable. Guests can opt-in to get wakeup calls and voicemails in their native language and customize wakeup call messages to include the local weather report. Wakeup calls can be snoozed, and there is no limit on the number of wakeup calls or times you can press snooze. A PMS integration allows guests to check out from their room, in turn, reducing lobby wait times and increasing guest satisfaction. Guests don’t want to deal with a complicated, hard-to-use system. That’s why we developed VoiceWorx to provide functionality without the headache.  

The Bottom Line

Safety NetAccess provides quality voice, video, and data solutions for virtually all your communications needs with a blend of efficient infrastructure and the latest interface devices. Safety NetAccess can empower your business with advanced communications platforms, desktop phones, VOIP solutions, and intuitive solutions to personalize the customer relationship at your property. We offer convenient deployment options with an unrivaled freedom to have the VoiceWorx system on-property, in a private or public cloud, or as a hybrid system. Safety NetAccess specializes in providing custom, top-of-line technology services to all its clients in the hospitality industry. We know what you need to run your business efficiently and effectively. We offer reliable 24/7 support, 365 days a year, and personalized customer service. We understand how important communications are in the hospitality industry, and we continuously strive to offer the best possible service to all our clients.  

To learn more or receive an initial consultation, reach out to our sales team at today! 

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