Safety NetAccess’ Hospitality Services

Safety NetAccess’ Hospitality Services

Providing a seamless guest experience is of paramount importance in the hospitality industry, especially when you need to ensure all of your technology offerings are up-to-date and functioning correctly. This can be difficult to manage on your own, especially for substantial properties with a wide range of needs. Safety NetAccess partners with some of the world’s top hospitality brands to help them upgrade and manage their technology offerings to ensure that they are providing the absolute best for their guests. 

Guest Wi-Fi Networks 

While it has become standard to include free Wi-Fi for guests, not all networks are created equal. Internet connection standards have increased, and networks need to be consistently upgraded to keep up with demand. Guests expect fast, reliable, and stable internet connections in their rooms and throughout the hotel. Property owners and managers understand that this can be a challenge to deliver, potentially leading to guest dissatisfaction. Safety NetAccess’ enterprise-grade network combines a robust, wired network with strategically placed wireless access points around the property. In doing so, this provides the best overall stability and security currently on the market. Do not let your property reviews be affected by poor speeds or internet mishaps. Safety NetAccess is a leading wireless Internet provider with an “integrity first” philosophy. We survey, design, build and support wireless networks for the hospitality industry – all with our client’s specific needs in mind. 

Telecom Solutions 

Good communications are vital in running a successful business and are even more prominent in hospitality. Having up-to-date technology with intuitive user interfaces is crucial for the guest experience. An integrated telecoms system allows for guests to access room service, housekeeping, the concierge, and other guest services seamlessly from their rooms. With a blend of building efficient infrastructure combined with the latest interface devices, we can provide quality voice, video, and data solutions for virtually all your communications needs. We can empower your business with advanced voice, video, and data communications platforms, desktop phones, and VOIP solutions. Our team can assist your property in building unified communications and intuitive solutions for your customer relationship management messaging and multimedia collaboration needs.

TV Services 

Too many hotels have outdated television technology that leaves guests feeling frustrated and unhappy. The TV world has changed immensely in the past decade, and the hospitality industry must keep up. Guests expect the latest TV technology that gives them access to all of their favorite streaming services. Safety NetAccess can help you upgrade and maintain a TV services system to keep everyone connected. We provide Hotels with the latest hospitality TV management technology to deliver a differentiated guest experience by enhancing the technology and perks ranging from more information delivery channels, convenient communication options, and efficient room management. We also provide comprehensive casting technology, enabling your guests to securely stream content from over 1,000 mobile apps to their hotel room television.

Network Infrastructure

A solid technology solution starts with a good infrastructure. Our experts will design a custom network infrastructure with our low voltage cabling to provide you with the most efficient solution for your property. Our comprehensive network design allows for long-term growth and life cycle support to ensure that you always have the most up-to-date technology to keep your property connected. The cabling in your environment is the lifeblood, delivering users the speed and bandwidth needed to go to work. The proper infrastructure is the key to a functional network. At Safety NetAccess, we provide a solid and scalable foundation. 

Security Solutions 

Guests expect safety while staying on your property, so maintaining a comprehensive security system is essential. Encompassing both digital and physical safety, Safety NetAccess has the unique ability to assist large properties in both of these avenues. Safety NetAccess can provide a secure network backed by our 24/7 support and CCTV systems to help ensure seamless security for guests, staff, and property. 

Energy Management

Properties can consume a lot of energy, which leads to high costs. Property managers know the importance of conservation and energy conservation, and Safety NetAccess can help make this a reality. Partnering with a vendor-approved hospitality brand, we can provide your property with technology proven to reduce energy consumption by 20% to 45% while maintaining guest comfort. 

24/7 Support 

Safety NetAccess provides unrivaled support for all of our services, with a 24/7 call center, service calls, and a user-friendly portal to help you manage and get support whenever you need it. Our call center consists of Tier 1, 2, 3, and NOC support agents with expertise and access to all remote troubleshooting and monitoring management tools. Combined with multiple SLAs, we can meet any need. 

Safety NetAccess Portal (SNAP)  

When you work with Safety NetAccess, you get access to our comprehensive, customizable portal to help you manage every element of your network. The Safety NetAccess Portal (SNAP) platform includes features and capabilities that optimize performance, increasing visibility and efficiency as you look after your clients and their customers. SNAP provides multiple site management, hardware management, portal pages, brand compliance, multiple authentication methods, support for multiple gateways, extensive reporting options, zone migration, and conference tools. In addition, you can use the portal to analyze guest network usage, track how internet offerings are translating into revenue, identify bottlenecks in network connectivity and customer usage, and give VIPs access to higher bandwidth. 

With all this and more, Safety NetAccess can help you upgrade every aspect of your system to ensure that you are constantly up to date on the latest technology and providing the absolute best guest experience possible. While there are many reasons why people choose certain hotels and experiences, ensuring that these practical matters don’t interfere with their experience keeps them coming back, time and again. Working with Safety NetAccess to upgrade your property is an investment in your brand’s future. Reach out today to learn more about our hospitality offerings and how Safety NetAccess can be a resource to you and your guests. 

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