Safety NetAccess: Your Total Solutions Provider

Safety NetAccess: Your Total Solutions Provider

Small businesses can find it challenging to manage their information technology and cybersecurity needs. That’s why many small businesses turn to a Total Solutions Provider (TSP) to help address their IT needs. Safety NetAccess’ TSP services are the perfect small business IT solution.

What is a Total Solutions Provider?

A Total Solutions Provider or TSP is a company that offers a whole suite of IT services as a bundle to its customers. Previously, IT services providers offered more specific services, so small to medium-sized businesses hired outside services for their IT solutions would have to contract with a few different companies to create a complete IT suite. Total Solutions Providers gather all of these services together under one roof to streamline the entire IT department for their clients.

Types of IT Service Providers

Traditionally, IT services providers were divided into three categories:

VAR or Value-Added Resellers help companies determine their IT needs and then recommend a suite of products to purchase to accomplish their business needs. These companies provide both consultation and integration services.

MSP or Managed-Service Providers offer services most closely related to what we traditionally associate with IT departments. MSPs monitor daily activity to ensure everything is working correctly and provide support in fixing any issues that arise. They also do routine checks to optimize and upgrade technology as needed.

CSP or Cloud Solutions Providers offer cloud-based solutions for companies and typically own the cloud infrastructure. This allows companies to store and share data seamlessly between their devices safely and securely. Currently, the CSP market is dominated by large corporations such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft.

Benefits of Using a Total Solutions Provider

With all of the unique needs companies now face, there are many benefits to working with a Total Solutions Provider. TSPs have the flexibility to look at the holistic needs of each business and design a customized solution. These unique solutions will respond to each of those needs in an agile and efficient manner.

Working with a TSP allows small businesses to save money and time by having one point of contact for their IT solutions. TSPs can also get to know each of their clients better than any specified IT solution provider because they are integrated into every level of the company. This means that they can make better recommendations, respond more quickly to problems, and improve overall cybersecurity for the company.

Why Do Companies Outsource IT Solutions?

There are many reasons that companies choose to outsource their IT services. The most common cause often has to do with internal capacity. Many companies have more needs than can be served by just one or two additional employees. Hiring an entire IT department is time-consuming and expensive. Because of the specialized knowledge required to manage the IT needs of a whole company effectively, salaries for these roles are very competitive. Turning to an outside company with IT experts who can typically offer more comprehensive solutions than a few internal hires can be a very cost-effective and simple solution.

Total Solutions Providers also have access to more robust software than many companies would choose to opt into on their own because of cost. We provide our clients with top-of-the-line cybersecurity and cloud solutions to ensure everything runs smoothly.

With a dedicated IT company, you have the comfort of knowing that you are safe and secure. TSPs offer continuous monitoring, so any issues will be on the radar before they become a severe problem.

Services Included with Safety NetAccess’ Managed IT Services:

Safety NetAccess provides a wide range of services, all under one umbrella. We understand that the types of services each company needs will depend on several factors. As experts in our field, we will help craft the perfect suite of IT services to meet those needs.

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Routine backups
  • Monitoring and preventing viruses
  • Creation of a complete corporate intranet
  • Recommendations for workstations and servers, with monitoring and maintenance
  • Help desk support services
  • Microsoft 365 licensing and support
  • Cybersecurity monitoring and remediation
  • Email security that reduces the risk of spam, phishing, or hijacking

In an increasingly remote world, it is more important than ever that each company has up-to-date technology that allows their employees to stay connected and secure outside of a traditional work environment.

Is Safety NetAccess Right For You?

Safety NetAccess is an industry leader as a Total Solutions Provider. We are a family-owned business that genuinely cares about every one of our clients, which spans various industries, including hospitality, residential housing, event production, senior living, and enterprise. Our services are scalable to meet the needs of businesses that range from small to large. We are on your side and treat each of our clients as part of the family. Reach out today to learn more about our offerings and if they are right for you.

Total Solutions Providers have become increasingly popular as the world has begun to rely more heavily on various types of technology to operate. Many businesses have struggled to keep up or don’t know where to start when implementing their business-critical technology. Safety NetAccess is ready to be your new Total Solutions Provider.

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