Resident Pleasing, Revenue Generating Networks

Resident Pleasing, Revenue Generating Networks

One thing is sure, competition drives innovation, and with Multifamily occupancy and production remaining strong nationwide, creation and evolution are eagerly growing.

Recently, NAHB’s Multifamily Production Index (MPI), which measures builder and developer sentiment around current conditions in the apartment and condo market on a scale of 0 to 100, rose five points to 53 in the third quarter (from “MPA: Multifamily occupancy and production remain strong nationwide“). According to this article, 2021 should be the strongest year for multifamily production that we’ve seen since the 1980s.

With the reduction of occupancy and the rise of new builders in this industry, builders must step up their game to attract new residents and retain them against rising competition.

Per a recent article from “Multifamily News: How Multifamily Properties Are Rebooting Best Practices,” many industry experts are prioritizing high-speed Internet and providing more space, as well as focusing on buying value-add properties, upgrading, and repositioning them.

Being able to provide a property with reliable high-speed Internet, property-wide roaming, self-management of technology offerings (including Internet and television), and increasing both your net operating income (NOI) and your property’s value is the key to remaining competitive and where Safety NetAccess (SNA) and Our Smart Community come in.

Our Smart Community is a property-wide, technology-encompassing solution that is deployed with precision and managed with experience, ensuring your residents have the best experience that not only meets your expectations of a technology partner but exceeds them.

The SNA team surveys and designs a complete technology solution based on industry best practices and the latest technology offerings from the initial site visit. After deployment by experienced and highly trained engineers, Our Smart Community store (powered by our proprietary SNAP software) enables a resident to activate, customize, and continuously manage their television and internet plans with ease and within two minutes, as shown in the video below. Additionally, our 24x7x365 support teams will ensure your tenants remain happy.

By deploying a resident network with a trusted partner like SNA, the property retains the value of the network infrastructure asset, adding to the NOI, and not diluting it to the cable or telco that has contractual control over it, diminishing the resale value of the property.

These offerings (partial or all) can be included in the rent to add with retention or provided with a markup to increase your NOI while delivering your residents added self-managed services (which means you don’t have to).

Connect with the Safety NetAccess team today to learn more about how we can be of service at 855-SNA-HSIA or visit:


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