The world does not stop while we attend meetings.  Text, email, and phone calls distract us.  Even when trying to stay focused our daily responsibilities can cause us to miss important information.

Don’t you wish you could pause a meeting and catch up later?

Now you can… with 

Studies show that how information is presented at events and the availability of that content afterward is critical for retention.

SNA Event Productions offers the easiest and most cost-effective solution for providing attendees on-demand access to event videos.

  • Easiest because we host the videos on our own servers and provide instant access, on-demand.

  • Most cost-effective because it’s part of our base package, while other vendors charge too much and make things too complicated.

Professional Videos Ensure Attendees Get the Maximum Value Out of an Event

Those same studies mentioned above also tell us that depending on how event and conference media is used and deployed, attendees can walk away feeling they’ve gotten more value. As one of the most proven engaging formats in use today, easily and immediately accessible video of presentations can drive that sense of value to its peak.

Taking into consideration costs such as travel, lodging, catering, and other event overhead, a company can spend significant dollars to bring a few hundred attendees to an event. With so much valuable information presented in such a short period of time, there’s no way, even with the best of note taking, 100% session attendance, and no distractions, those attendees can remember every insight offered.

The ability to stream video of every session immediately after the event helps attendees review and lock in all the valuable information conveyed, making the investment in their attendance go much farther.

What Are You Supposed to Do with Video Files on a Hard Drive?

When you work with most audiovisual companies, that’s what you get at the end of your conference, a hard drive with numerous video files in a format you may or may not be able to work with. The last thing you want after a conference is more work to do.

With SNA Event Productions:

WE capture the video of all speakers

WE add chapter marks for easy navigation

WE host those videos for your desired length of time

WE provide organizers detailed metrics

WE upload the videos to our servers

WE create and provide easy QR codes so attendees can find and watch the videos

And it all happens immediately, with no extra demands on event staff.

With SNA Event Productions, ROI Means “Retention of Information”

Usually, ROI means “Return on Investment.” For us, when we think about how we can uniquely and exponentially increase the impact of events and conferences, ROI stands for “Retention of Information.” For SNA Event Productions’ group organizers, event content is going to reach farther, last longer, and be of more use to attendees.

We’ve been in this business a long time. We’ve seen it done numerous ways and thought through how session videos can be better, more productive, and so cost effective there’s no reason to do it any other way.

SNA Event Productions, delivering a smarter, superior way to handle access to event videos with no barriers for attendees, and no added workload for event organizers.