Our Smart Community: The Ultimate Network Solution for Multifamily Residences & Staff

Our Smart Community: The Ultimate Network Solution for Multifamily Residences & Staff

In a world increasingly relying on fast, reliable internet connections, there is more demand than ever for simple solutions to improve connectivity. For people living in multifamily homes, many different things can impact internet speed and consistency. Everything from the layout and make-up of the building itself to neighbors’ internet usage and routers can affect your ability to connect. That is why Safety NetAccess has pioneered Our Smart Community, an ideal solution to this modern problem for property owners and tenants alike.  

What is Our Smart Community

Our Smart Community is a comprehensive network solution for multifamily and student residences. Currently, internet connectivity in multifamily buildings suffers when each family sets up their own system because the more routers are present, the more noise and interference each home experiences. With people being home more than ever, they expect their Internet to perform, and not centralizing the internet service in large buildings can cause all kinds of connectivity issues.  

With Safety NetAccess’ “Our Smart Community,” your residents get access to high-speed Internet throughout the entire property – this means that they can access Wi-Fi seamlessly from the gym, pool, or other shared spaces that are provided amenities in the building. Our Smart Community gives instant onboarding to all devices on move-in day, making the process of getting on the Internet more effortless than ever.  

Our Smart Community optimizes internet speeds by creating one seamless network throughout the entire property, minimizing the noise interrupting the usual browsing experience. Because the network is universal, it can be perfectly optimized for each unit in the building. Say goodbye to devices competing for the same radio frequency signals. 

It also creates an additional revenue stream by adding an amenity to the building that people are willing to pay for. Moving into a fully equipped apartment with high-speed Internet and smart devices is a massive benefit for many potential tenants. 

Benefits of Implementing Our Smart Community

The benefits to implementing Our Smart Community in your building are truly endless: 

  • Property-wide Wi-Fi coverage  
  • Enterprise-grade network for all residents 
  • Create an additional revenue stream  
  • Attract and retain tenants  
  • Increase your property value  
  • Reduce noise and tenant complaints 
  • Improve overall connectivity building-wide 
  • Lightning-fast internet connection with guaranteed uptime  
  • Move-in ready units  
  • Portal free onboarding  
  • Remotely managed network  
  • Reduce energy usage with at-home smart devices  
  • Completely secure network with built-in firewalls for maximum protection 
  • 24/7 support team  

How to Monetize Your Multifamily Residence Internet Offerings 

A comprehensive, building-wide network solution is an excellent way to add a revenue stream to your existing properties as a property owner or property manager. When you can offer lightning-fast Internet to all of your residents, you can offer them Internet at a discount over the competition while still making additional money on top of your costs. Internet costs can be billed monthly or added to the rent baseline. 

These days, tenants are eager to move into buildings that come with baked-in amenities. The Internet is essential for our day-to-day lives. In fact, 78% of residents rank Wi-Fi as the most critical amenity you can offer.  

Additionally, it improves the overall quality and usage of the rest of the building’s amenities by providing total network coverage everywhere at the property. Residents can feel free to move seamlessly from the gym to their apartment to the communal kitchen or coworking space without fear of losing their connection. Staff connectivity improves communication and overall efficiency. 

Using a connected network can also help reduce overall energy expenses because of smart home devices that can be controlled remotely. Properties deploying this technology can reduce energy costs by up to 40% and prevent potentially devastating losses due to leaks. 

Implementing Our Smart Community not only raises property values and attracts tenants but can also provide an additional stream of revenue to help you maximize profits at all of the properties you own.  

Why Work with Safety NetAccess

Safety NetAccess has a team of experts that will work with you to design the perfect network solution for your building. Our team of experienced engineers will conduct an audit of your property to determine what, if any, interference exists. They will also take a heatmap to help them design the ideal network solution for you. After this initial assessment, they will install the enterprise-grade network throughout the building, ensuring complete network optimization without dark spots.  

Safety NetAccess provides 24/7 support 365 days a year, meaning that you do not have to worry about anything. Our team is skilled and ready to handle any issues that arise. We average only a 30 second wait time, though, with your connected community, we doubt you will need our help very often. Most support calls to internet providers tend to be about onboarding new devices, but Our Smart Community’s portal-free onboarding process is not a concern. You will also have your own exclusive management platform to help you track and control all aspects of your network.  

Safety NetAccess can also help install TV, streaming video, phone systems, and CCTV systems around your property that are fully incorporated into the secure community network to provide complete protection and security for you and your residents.  

Get Our Smart Community 

Our Smart Community is an ideal multifamily connectivity solution. Building owners can reduce costs while attracting more tenants, and tenants get access to lightning-speed Internet throughout the entire building. Even better, no one needs to deal with installing new internet connections and the delays and frustrations that go into that process. In a changing world, the needs of tenants are also shifting, and Our Smart Community is one of the best ways for property owners to respond to those crucial needs.

Reach out to Safety NetAccess today to learn more about implementing Our Smart Community in your building.

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