Todd Shobert

Todd Shobert


As Safety NetAccess’s Chief Technical Officer, Todd leads SNA’s operations and technology teams. In addition to managing these teams, he oversees the company’s most technologically challenging installations. He is a vital member of the management team, helping to ensure that SNA stays at the forefront of technological innovation within the hospitality industry.

His ability to take very sophisticated technical matters and simply communicate them has made Todd a customer favorite over the years. Many large clients – who’s primary base of knowledge tends to be the hospitality business – count on him to keep them current on the latest technology trends, and how new developments can help them build and manage their businesses.

Todd has been with the company since it was founded in 2001. Prior to joining SNA, he spent nine years at Network Plus, Inc. as Managing Director of Data Services.

Todd lives in Weymouth, MA., with his wife, Sarah. His two kids are both married and have started families of their own. He is adjusting to being called “grandpa.”