Wireless Networks

Wireless networks are in great demand today. People require a wireless connection everywhere they go. It’s all about immediate information – directions to a local restaurant, a Facebook update, loading the latest picture to our Twitter account. In order to keep up with this activity, it is important to find a wireless hotspot to handle our needs. Wherever you turn – a coffee shop, a restaurant, a campsite, a marina, an airport, or a hotel – having a wireless network is a must. A must for the guest as well for the business itself. Indeed, wireless networks are so important in hotels these days that they rank second only to hot water in most hotel surveys. People simply need to be connected.

As a leading wireless Internet provider with an “integrity first” philosophy, we survey, design, build, and support wireless networks for the hospitality industry – all with our clients’ specific needs in mind. This industry includes hotels, resorts, Senior Living centers, time-share properties, coffee shops, restaurants, schools, and retail environments.

Our wireless networks assist by making available the “life-blood” of business and social interactions today – the Internet! Our wireless networks allow people to connect to the Internet via all types of devices including phones, laptops, tablets, iPods, and gaming consoles for guests. They also help with back-of-house applications for house keeping and engineering such as door locks and push-to-talk systems. The networks can be accessed using various types of onboarding processes. Guests can be connected via a connect page that utilizes identifiers such as passcodes, email addresses, or credit cards. This allows us to control who does and doesn’t access the network. Our networks are built to provide convenience, mobility, productivity, expandability, and security. As a leading Managed Service Provider (MSP), we build the best wireless networks available to meet your demands.

Wired Networks

At Safety NetAccess we place special value on our role and our reputation as the industry leader in delivering wired networks with our “integrity first” philosophy. Much of the talk these days is about wireless networks. But, of course, the wired network plays a crucial role in all high-speed networks – even those that are wireless. Even wireless networks must still have a solid wired network at the foundation. So, we build a wired component into all of our wireless networks.

Our wired networks provide the backbone to the wireless access points by running cables from the head end of the building to each access point. Often, these hard wired components act as the power source for the access points, thus ensuring your business avoids costly electrical outlets. With our unique approach and style we continue to design, build, and support the wired aspects of all of our wireless networks.

The debate persists between the effectiveness of wired networks versus completely wireless networks. It simply comes down to the importance of knowing what does what. In wired networks, the connections are not as prone to signal interference, as they are in wireless networks. And the connections and data transfers are often faster. In addition, wired networks are less likely to go down as the result of a lost Wi-Fi signal. And security in a wired network is generally regarded as more solid. As with our wireless networks, our wired networks are managed and maintained 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our help desk experts are manned by our live Safety NetAccess technicians, available to assist and answer your questions any and every time you have them.