Energy Management and IoT

Energy Management and IoT

Telkonet is the leader in intelligent automation, occupancy-based energy management and IoT technology. Founded in 1999, Telkonet has successfully deployed over 600,000 devices across more than 3,000 properties.

EcoSmart Intelligent Energy Management – Delivering a balance of comfort and energy efficiency Facility managers need innovative ways to reduce operating expenses and satisfy guest expectations for comfort and sustainability. Air conditioning and heating costs represent one of the largest uncontrolled operating expenses for most properties. Since a typical hotel room is vacant approximately 70% of the day, a considerable amount of energy is wasted on empty rooms without intelligent HVAC controls. HVAC costs can total as much as 45% of a building’s utility expense, so reducing in-room energy consumption can significantly add to a hotel’s profit. The EcoSmart™ intelligent energy management system can save energy, reduce HVAC runtime, decrease maintenance costs and increase mechanical equipment working life by intelligently managing energy in spaces with unpredictable occupancy patterns. The EcoSmart system is installed in all major hospitality brands and is proven to reduce energy consumption 20% – 45%. One of the greatest advantages of the EcoSmart system is how it reduces energy consumption while maintaining guest comfort.

The EcoSmart system is comprised of these major components:

  • EcoCentral: Cloud-based energy management command center
  • EcoInsight: Occupancy-based programmable thermostat
  • EcoSource+: For use with thermostat user interface (EcoAir or EcoTouch+)to form wireless HVAC control package
  • EcoSmart VRF Controller: Similar to EcoSource+, for use with variable refrigerant HVAC systems (VRF/VRV/VRP)
  • EcoTouch+: Wireless thermostat user interface
  • EcoAir: Traditional wireless thermostat user interface
  • EcoContact+: Supplemental occupancy detection
  • EcoSense+: Supplemental occupancy detection for large or multi-room spaces
  • EcoGuard: Intelligent power outlet
  • EcoSwitch: Energy management light switch
  • EcoSmart Mobil: Mobile application for tenants

A 10% reduction in energy costs is equivalent to increasing Average Daily Rate (average dollar amount paid per customer per night) by 2.6% and increasing Occupancy Rate (percent of rooms occupied at any given time) by 4.3%.