Casting Solutions

Casting Solutions

Delivering Your Guest Entertainment Solution with Confidence

Expectation2’s Casting Management Appliance (CMA) removes the barriers of “bring-your-own-content” by enabling horizontal communication between devices within the same Personal Area Network (PAN). Performed automatically, Expectation2’s CMA prohibits unwanted changes while simultaneously creating an environment to easily pair authorized devices. As the industry’s first CMA, this ultra-seamless technology rewards guests with effortless streaming, room automation, and device sharing capabilities.


  • Supports popular Chromecast™ casting technology
  • Expectation2’s CMA is attached at the network and resides in property’s data closet.
  • Existing TV remotes can be reprogramed to enable and auto-switch to the HDMI port.
  • Professional installation and setup.
  • 24/7 technical support is provided by Safety NetAccess’ Network Operating Centers.

Intuitive Guest Access

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TV Provider Agnostic

  • Expectation2’s CMA is easily implemented on a Safety NetAccess deployed guest network capable of delivering a Personal Area Network (PAN) in each guest room.

XD86-DT Architecture

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