Audio/Visual Solutions

Audio/Visual Solutions

We provide a reliable and cost effective solution for your property in all public area and meeting room spaces. Our solutions comply with all branded hotel requirements:

Audio switching and mixing

  • Independent volume levels for each speaker zone across your hotel
  • Remote volume adjustment in rooms that need to have their own control
  • Several functions in your hotel at the same time? The use of source selectors allows for audio in each meeting room can be kept independent, or combined across as many room as you’d like for larger gatherings.
  • Wired and wireless microphone systems
  • Audio input jacks in meeting rooms to allow guests to stream audio locally over the hotel speakers

Video switching and mixingSolutions

  • Hidden projectors with a motorized projector lift
  • Recessed motorized projection screens
  • Video source selection that allows you to play the same video on every display in the room, or have each screen play independently.
  • Give your presenter the power with a remote connection to any display in the room.
  • Allows multiple guests to easily present one after another, no training necessary.
  • HDMI extension over Cat6 capable of sending audio and video long distances.
  • Video switching combined with audio switching allows you to put a major sporting event or any other video on all displays and speakers in the area. Great for bar’s and cabana’s!