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A Link Balancer is a network-based appliance designed to proactively manage bandwidth and multiple Internet Service Provider (ISP) circuits or private links. The Link Balancer allows simultaneous use of many circuits and supports any kind of routed link or speed. It does not require ANY change to standard router or network configurations. An Elfiq Link Balancer’s primary function is to ensure internet uptime and continuity for both the business and the guest internet. By managing multiple internet circuits, the link balancer can balance the traffic from one circuit to the others; ensuring that if a circuit does fail, the traffic is rerouted to the other active circuits; safe-guarding against loss of service. The link balancer is also used to manage bandwidth at the property, ensuring that your hotel maximizes the bandwidth available. Bandwidth control is accomplished through different tools including Time of Day Traffic Shaping, rerouting available bandwidth throughout your property to where you need it when you need it. Bandwidth control is also accomplished through Quality of Service (QoS); Layer 7 Traffic Shaping (DPI) with Elfiq’s App Optimizer and PrioMap. The Link Balancer can provide your property with the ultimate tool for not only ensuring your property never loses its Internet connection; but also ensuring you have full control over it.