“They take issues seriously with quick resolution”


“The competition doesn’t care the same way they do.”


“The SNA team becomes part of our team with serious personal intent and commitment.”


“SNA is committed to ‘doing the right thing’ 
no matter what, even if it isn’t their problem! They stick their neck on the line.”

Reasons Your Business Needs IT Consulting

IT consultants have experience handling complex problems. The professionals at an IT firm have learned from previous experiences at other companies, and their experience makes them experts in the information technology industry. All companies can benefit from the experience an IT firm brings to the table. Their collective experience can make implementing new projects a breeze. Identify and Correct the …

Ongoing Interest in Advanced Wired Networks

If you peel back the layers of security and connectivity of most wireless networks, you will eventually reveal a wired network at its very core. Although you may not hear them being mentioned as much anymore, wired networks are still the foundations of modern networking and personal computing. In fact, some landlords and residential property managers have detected a burgeoning …

Using Captive Portals for a Captive Audience

Captive portals, those special Web pages or splash screens that are displayed before users can access Internet resources, apps or services, are taking design and functionality cues from the Web portals of yore. Captive portals these days can be found as gatekeepers of public Wi-Fi hotspots, Internet cafes, hostels, airport lounges, and business centers at hotels and executive suites. Many …

Unusual Wi-Fi Hotspots Around the World

This year, some creative twists to Wi-Fi hotspots and distribution have occurred across the globe. With the advent of 4G LTE and the maturity of mobile wireless hotspots, widespread public connectivity is not only becoming a reality but also a source of unusual networking. Here are three interesting developments in the world of Wi-Fi hotspots, which made headlines during recent …

Increased Use of Wearable Tech in Public Spaces: Privacy Rights Backlash

The popularity of using mobile wireless technologies has spurred a growth market in so-called wearable technology. From watches to eyeglasses to jewelry accessories and exercise training equipment, a revolution in smart technology promises to provide greater Internet connectivity to millions of people. However, when used in public areas, some have expressed serious concerns about privacy. As more people use this …