Ongoing Interest in Advanced Wired Networks

If you peel back the layers of security and connectivity of most wireless networks, you will eventually reveal a wired network at its very core. Although you may not hear them being mentioned as much anymore, wired networks are still the foundations of modern networking and personal computing. In fact, some landlords and residential property managers have detected a burgeoning trend among prospective tenants who inquire about access to legacy wired networks.

Wi-Fi is not just a luxury perk at high-end condo towers but is now a standard feature offered in many mid-range apartment buildings. Some house hunters and renters are also interested in broadband wired networks that they can plug into. They may want to set up a few in-home private wireless networks, but they often provide their own advanced devices and professional installation.

Managers of upscale condominium towers are increasingly meeting potential residents who look for high-speed, ultra-secure wired networks in their dwelling units. These tenants are usually freelancers, engineers or business executives who expect to do a lot of sensitive work from home. They are also interested in setting up advanced features such as home automation, home theater and audio distribution by themselves. Perhaps they need to run a server or constantly upload and download high-definition video, and they certainly don’t want neighbors surreptitiously piggybacking on a Wi-Fi connection and hogging bandwidth by playing MTV-style YouTube playlists.

Condominium residents and renters looking for advanced wired networks are not exactly a new trend. Digital artists and entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, Brooklyn and Denver have been making similar requests for dwelling/workspace combinations such as lofts, galleries and duplexes for years. It seems as if a few of these entrepreneurs have found success and are now moving into wired digs.

Property managers and landlords who wish to cater to these wired network seekers should remember that these tend to be tenants who want a solid backbone, sufficient bandwidth, zero latency and quality wiring with lots of discrete connectors. These tenants consider their digital lifestyle to be very important, and they are willing to pay for it.

If you are interested in offering an advanced and profitable wired network for your tenants, contact us today to discuss your options.