Unusual Wi-Fi Hotspots Around the World

This year, some creative twists to Wi-Fi hotspots and distribution have occurred across the globe. With the advent of 4G LTE and the maturity of mobile wireless hotspots, widespread public connectivity is not only becoming a reality but also a source of unusual networking. Here are three interesting developments in the world of Wi-Fi hotspots, which made headlines during recent months.

Statue of Political Figure Turned Into Wi-Fi Hotspot

In one part of the world, geopolitical troubles prompted a law banning all symbolism evoking allegiance to previous divisions and designations. Subsequently, a statue of a political figure located outside of an industrial park was turned into a curious Wi-Fi hotspot.

An artist was commissioned to transform the statue, and he took advantage of the cape to create the likeness of Darth Vader, the villainous Sith Lord at the center of the Star Wars film universe. It so happens that there is a Wi-Fi router and a few antennas concealed inside the helmet of this transformed sculpture. Visitors can connect to the Internet on their mobile devices and frequently post selfies next to this image of Darth Vader on Twitter.

Subterranean Wi-Fi Sidewalks

A European media giant is forging ahead with plans to provide free public Wi-Fi to its customers, so that they can keep their 4G wireless broadband data consumption to a minimum. These ambitious plans have been postponed until 2016 for beta trials. In the meantime, however, the company has announced a “smart pavement” solution that essentially turns a sidewalk into a Wi-Fi hotspot. This project, an example of subterranean Wi-Fi networks, hides access points under the pavement of the road and walkway.

Homeless People Serving as Wi-Fi Hotspots

A charity abroad is giving homeless people a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot plus a portable charger, so that they can offer pedestrians broadband connections and the opportunity to charge the batteries in their mobile devices. In exchange for their work as human Wi-Fi hotspots, the homeless people enrolled in the program get meals, a place to sleep and pocket change. For the time being, the project is going through a crowdfunding stage, but the developers do not anticipate asking for taxpayer funds.

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