Growing Importance Of Cyber-Security

Are you a business that relies heavily on your network like most companies? Then, you are probably growing increasingly concerned about the constant stream of massive hacks and breaches appearing in the headlines. Everyone from retailers to credit-monitoring firms and others have been hit.

Increasing Risks

Most of the time, it’s for money, but occasionally activists get involved. These hacks can ruin a company’s earning power, drive off customers and even lead to bankruptcy. Their increasing prevalence means that having a strong, secure network isn’t a luxury anymore–it’s a requirement.

The wide variety of victims is troubling because it suggests that anyone is at risk. It’s true that profit-oriented hackers cast their net wide in their search for targets.

However, it’s also true that many times, hackers succeed because they find and exploit a weakness that someone should have caught. It’s rare for a hacking group to simply overpower a company’s defenses. Hacking groups target both large and small businesses, but they aren’t trying to use sheer brute force.

Solvable Problems

More commonly, a machine that didn’t get the right updates or a bad driver or a worker clicking on the wrong email attachment opened the door to identity thieves and data raiders. These are solvable problems. With the right network, you can rest easy because best-practice protocols can defeat most hacking attempts simply by closing off those easy back-door gaps.

If you are a business owner and you are worried that your network isn’t robust enough to stand up to a hacker, then you should get in touch with us. We can help you learn more about the problem of hacking and how we can provide your company with IT support that will reduce your risk of a breach. This is especially important for companies that work with sensitive customer data.

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