Value of Internet Access in Health Care and Assisted Living Facilities

When you or a loved one enters a hospital or assisted living center, you are grappling with an onslaught of factors, putting your system into high alert. Besides dealing with the stress of health concerns, your entire world is basically altered. As you try to adjust to this removed world and the break from your usual routine, you and your family frequently grasp for ways to stay connected.

Benefits of Online Connections for Patients and Others

One way to ease the strain of a hospital stay or move to an assisted living facility is access to the Internet. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Convenient way to research medical issues: Hospital patients often go into information overload when different physicians try to explain their condition and suggest various courses of action. While trying to cope with not feeling well, patients find that their heads are already spinning, so they generally can’t absorb a fast download of medical information. Internet access in the hospital allows them to research further details at their own pace and a convenient time.
  • Ability to remain connected to family and friends: Public access to the Internet allows hospital patients and assisted living residents to avoid feeling completely isolated. Through email, Skype and other social media tools, they can maintain important connections with family and friends.
  • Way to pass the time in a sterile environment: Instead of staring at the white walls of a sterile hospital or the unfamiliar setting of an assisted living center, patients and residents can keep their minds focused elsewhere on the Internet. Public access in these facilities enables them to watch movies, read online books and publications or pursue other enjoyable online activities.

Advantages of Internet Access for Medical and Care-Giving Staff Members

Some reports suggest that Internet access in health care, assisted living centers and other public facilities are essential. This tool allows them to provide patients and residents with the best care. Wireless networks offer the following advantages:

  • Fast access to medical records
  • Efficient way to record information on mobile devices
  • Staff device connections to patients’ emergency alert systems

Besides faster response times, easy Internet access allows medical and assisted living staff members to stay up to date on scheduling and other issues at their facility. Online tools provide completely current information, which increases accuracy—a top priority in health care.

More Information About Wireless Networks

Safety NetAccess is a trusted leader providing wired and wireless networks at health care and assisted living facilities. In addition, we offer these services for a variety of Wi-Fi-centric industries including:

  • Hospitality
  • Dining
  • Education

Specifically, some of our customers are:

  • Hotels
  • Management companies
  • Restaurants
  • Coffee shops
  • Schools

Our solutions include every option from simple hot spots with a portal to campus-wide wireless networks. Some of these incorporate many buildings and multiple ISPs with portals, which include choices for the following:

  • Payments
  • Speeds
  • Pass codes

The experts at Safety NetAccess provide wired and wireless solutions for each client’s budget. We agree that Internet access in public areas is important, particularly for health care, emergency situations and more. To provide these services at your facility, contact Safety NetAccess now.