Wireless Networks Transform the Restaurant Industry and Dining Experiences


For those of us who enjoy sampling restaurant food at different locations or checking out new coffee shops, wireless networks have fundamentally reshaped our experiences. To find popular spots or coupons, we frequently start with a search on the Internet. After we arrive and place our orders, many waiters and waitresses use tablets to record and transmit our requests efficiently.

Then, while we wait for our snack or meal to arrive, we can use free Wi-Fi to plan the rest of our day. If we’re bowled over by the artistry of a decadent dessert, we can take a photo and post a glowing review instantly. If the munchies hit again late at night, we can simply place an order online.

Convenience of Online Food Orders

After a long day of travel, we finally arrive at our hotel and flop on the bed to rest. The only trouble is that our stomachs keep gurgling, and the racket won’t allow us to sleep. We’re too tired to go back out and hunt for a restaurant in a strange town.

What are visitors to do? Use the free Wi-Fi in the hotel to place an order and quiet our hunger quickly!

In Another Reason to Love Digital: Online Food Ordering, the eMarketer report “US Restaurant Association: Digital Ordering and Mobile Payment Trends,” reveals the increasing popularity of this option. According to a survey by the U.S. Restaurant Association, U.S. consumers practiced the following restaurant-related digital activities in October 2013:

  • 46% looked up restaurant location and directions on a smartphone or tablet
  • 41% used a computer to view menus, order food or make reservations online
  • 23% ordered takeout or delivery on a smartphone or tablet
  • 19% looked up nutrition information on a smartphone or tablet
  • 15% interacted with a restaurant on social media
  • 13% made a reservation using a smartphone or tablet
  • 13% used a restaurant reward or special deal with a smartphone
  • 7% placed an order on a touchscreen terminal in a restaurant
  • 6% paid for the meal with a smartphone

Increasing Popularity and Benefits of Digital Method

Other studies have confirmed the findings of the U.S. Restaurant Association survey. In an April 2014 survey of the AYTM Market Research online survey panel, 32% of respondents said they “regularly” ordered food online. Here are some of the advantages, which the participants identified and ad agency Sullivan Higdon & Sink noted in “Food Think: Feeding a Digital World” (July 25, 2014):

  • Don’t have to wait; it’s ready
  • Easier to order
  • Order accuracy
  • Can easily reorder favorite/customized item
  • Can prepay online with a credit card

In a February 2014 survey of U.S. Internet users by Sullivan Higdon & Sink also reported the following:

  • Just over one-quarter (26%) had ordered online from a restaurant in the past year.
  • The most common age groups using this method were parents (37%) and millennials (35%).
  • Of the participants, 45% planned to order food online in the next year,.
  • Regardless of actual use, 58% found the concept of ordering food online appealing.

According to the survey findings, the primary advantages of ordering online included ease, convenience and accuracy. Baby boomers valued not having to wait, and millennials liked the ease of use.

Reliable Wireless Network Provider for Restaurants, Coffee Shops and Others

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