Compelling Research on Internet Use in All Age Groups: Importance of Online Access in All Facilities

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From hotels and airports to restaurants and coffee shops, we rely on the Internet to make reservations quickly and take food orders efficiently. Across college campuses and in schools, youth of all ages are glued to their devices, offering advanced educational tools. With increasing interest, even once-reluctant seniors have discovered the benefits of staying connected to their families—and the world—online.

Nearly 100 National Surveys During 15 Years

The Pew Research Center has provided undeniable evidence of this ever-growing activity in “Americans’ Internet Access:
 2000-2015.”  Since 2000, Pew Research has conducted 97 national surveys of adults, documenting how the Internet has become an integral part of daily life. Here are some of the current findings:

  • A total of 84% of American adults use the Internet.
  • Today, men and women are equally likely to be Internet users, a trend that has not wavered throughout the 15 years these surveys have been conducted.
  • The proportion of young adults ages 18-29 who use the Internet has always outpaced overall adoption levels among older groups.  In 2000, 70% of young adults used the Internet and that number has steadily grown to 96% today.
  • By 2000, 54% of men were Internet users compared with half of women. This small gap continued to shrink gradually until 2008, when 74% of men and 73% of women were identified as Internet users. Today, 85% of men and 84% of women report online activity.
  • In 2000, 14% of seniors used the Internet in 2000, whereas 58% do today. By 2012, more than half of those ages 65 and older reported using the Internet. Seniors have the greatest rate of change since 2000.

Leader in Wired and Wireless Network Arena

The power of the Internet is its ability to provide easy access to unlimited information and instantaneous connections. It’s clear why these advantages are essential in medical, educational and service-oriented facilities. Of particular interest is the way that online use can help an aging population remain more connected.

As a leader in the wired and wireless arena,  Safety NetAccess takes particular pride in serving assisted living centers and offering Internet access for the elderly. We also provide services for a variety of Wi-Fi centric companies including:

  • Hotels
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Quick-serve restaurants
  • Educational facilities

Our knowledgeable team members share their technological expertise to develop the most reliable, cost-effective networking solutions. Our customers also include:

  • Management companies
  • Restaurants
  • Coffee shops

“Live Person” Tech Support 24/7

We offer the most functional and reliable solution for each budget. Options range from simple hotspots with a portal to large campus-wide wireless networks. These incorporate many buildings and multiple ISPs with more complex portals including choices for payments, speeds and pass codes.

Our Safety NetAccess 24/7 tech support is easily accessible via our toll-free number 1-888-636-5212 or email at We understand the urgency that often accompanies a call to our technical support staff. You will never be put through a recorded maze of questions before you connect with a “live,” knowledgeable person.

We provide qualified, “real-time” expertise to deliver support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Safety NetAccess: Integrity First. Contact us!